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Surrogacy is a growing and developing area with complex legal issues. If you are a party to a surrogacy agreement, then you need a qualified Grant Law Corporation attorney specializing in surrogacy.

Attorneys at Grant Law Corporation, P.A. help you protect your rights, as well as anticipate and solve potential problems

US surrogacy legislation is constantly changing and varies greatly from state to state. Therefore, there are many factors that can affect the legality of surrogacy or the possibility of carrying out the surrogacy process in a given state:

  • The marital status of the intended parent (s)
  • Marital status of a surrogate mother
  • Sexual orientation of intended parents

Due to all of these factors and the complex legal environment surrounding surrogacy and reproductive technology, it is imperative to consult with a reproductive lawyer before starting. This is especially true if you live in a country that is not friendly to surrogacy.

Our law firm provides paid information and legal assistance to citizens (patients of IVF clinics) and medical institutions in legal relations in the field of the use of assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including in the field of protecting the rights of the parties in relation to surrogacy. We work with both US citizens and permanent residents and foreign citizens in the US and outside America. Most of our clients are citizens of Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries.

In matters of surrogacy, a lawyer may be needed to:

  • Preparation of the necessary package of documents, including a legally competently drawn up agreement between genetic parents and a surrogate mother.
  • Consulting on US legislation in surrogacy;
  • Organization of events to prosecute persons who do not fulfill contractual obligations on surrogacy issues.
  • Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the child and the surrogate mother herself.
  • Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of genetic parents, carried by a surrogate mother of a child.
  • Resolution and settlement of disputes that may arise when a surrogate mother passes a child to genetic parents.
  • Providing legal support for the emerging relationship under the surrogacy program for the entire period of surrogacy (including the stage of obtaining a child’s birth certificate).
  • Providing legal support for the relationship that has arisen under the surrogacy program after the birth of a child (including the resolution of disputes related to the right of genetic parents to receive maternity capital).
  • Legal assistance and search for ways of legal solution of problems related to the posthumous use of the biological material of the genetic parent (posthumous reproduction), etc.
  • Representing the interests of genetic parents in courts when solving problems of registration with the registration authorities of children born to surrogate mothers.
  • Organization and legal support of reproductive medical tourism procedures for foreign citizens.
  • Dispute resolution through mediation or litigation;
  • Service “Trust account” or Escrow account
  • Obtaining a child’s birth certificate;
  • Representation of interests in court in the issue of adoption

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